Once you're done reviewing your SpexReport®, it's time to send it off to the appropriate parties. There are a few ways in which you can do this.

From the Inspection Brief page, you'll see an option in the top right corner of the screen labeled "Share SpexReport®."

Click on "Share SpexReport®," a dialog box will pop up on that page giving you a couple of options.

Share as a Link

You can copy a link to the SpexReport® from this box using the "Copy" button, or by using the copy command (Ctrl+c or Command+c). It will copy the link to your machine's "clipboard" and allow you to paste it (Ctrl+v or Command+v) anywhere - in a chat, in an email, in a text message, and so on.

Send via Email

From the same box, you can send the link via an email. Simply enter the email address of the person you want to send the report to, type a message to give them context (optional), then click "Send Email."

There are many benefits to sending a SpexReport® as a link, instead of as a PDF, but two of the biggest are:

  1. It's a dynamic URL, so if anyone makes changes to the SpexReport® in the future, it will be reflected in what appears on the SpexReport® link you have already shared. 
  2. It's faster and easier to send than a huge PDF. SpexReports® can be big, with hundreds - sometimes thousands - of photos, documents, videos, forms, and so on. Sending a SpexReport® as a link doesn't force the parties involved to try to send/receive/download those massive files. And you can access the link from anywhere, anytime, on any type of machine! 

If you're interested in learning how to download a SpexReport® as a PDF, check out this PDF Photo Sheets article.

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