Unfortunately, because of the amount of data we're working with, sometimes we see continuous app crashing with our users. It's obviously not an ideal situation, and we're working through a solution to make sure this happens less frequently, but we need to make sure you can do your work on the app.

Here's what to do if the Spex app keeps crashing on your device. 

1.First things first, sync all of your project data from your device to the dashboard. This will ensure that you don't lose any of your assets or data stored on the app. 

2. Sign into the Web Dashboard and confirm that all of that project data you just synced is available on the dashboard.

3. Send us your device logs.

4. Log out of the app on your device. 

5. Delete the app from your device. 

6. Reinstall the app. 

7. Log in to the app.

8. Sync all projects again.

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