Sometimes you can try syncing several times without success, which can be frustrating. Follow these steps to make sure you give your project the best chance at a successful sync.

Get on some good WiFi or 4G/LTE. 

Think about it: you're sending big files (photos, videos, forms, etc) to the Dashboard. That's a lot of stress for the network if you're on a poor connection. Starbucks, or your local carrier store (AT&T, Verizon, etc), are more likely to have better WiFi. Unfortunately, Hotel WiFi usually doesn't make the cut.  If you are traveling to a new area to inspect damage, it's a good idea to do a bit of research ahead of time and find a location that you believe will work for you.

Make sure you're not blocking the device's antenna. 

iPads have antenna to help them send and receive data from the different connection types. The Wi-Fi antenna on iPad 2, 3 and iPad Mini models is to the right of the Home button on the edge behind the front panel in this area:

The iPad Pro antenna runs along the back of the device. It appears as a single dot.

If you have an Apple device that has cellular data enabled, it will look like this:

Wait for the Sync Success message.

A sync isn't actually successful until you get the green success bar on the sync box. It can be tempting to close the app and do other things once you've started a sync, but you can't confirm that your sync worked until you see "Project Synced" in the sync dialog box. As a backup, either check the dashboard or talk with a admin to confirm everything synced correctly.

A sync is successful when the Sync button on the Project List page turns green.

If you've tried all of the above and still aren't seeing your project come through on the Dashboard correctly, please contact us either by using the chat bubble at the bottom right of this page, or emailing us at support [at]

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