Adding technology and redesigning long-standing processes around new tech are daunting propositions in any industry.  At Spex, we ask our customers to do this every day and a piece of this ask usually includes deploying new hardware solutions into the field. The majority of our customers use iOS devices for a variety of reasons.   If you purchase a large number of iPads and try to manually configure each one with the correct login info, apps, etc., the process can be very painful.  

To solve for this, Apple developed the Device Enrollment Program, or DEP.  When you purchase iOS devices with DEP enabled and pair it with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you will be able to configure a given device's setup one time, and have every device assigned to your profile automatically ship ready to use.  When someone receives a device that has been setup this way, all they have to do is turn it on and it will be signed in correctly with all the apps they need and none of the extras.  

It takes about a week to get approved for DEP, so we encourage our customers to begin this process early with Apple.  If you are in charge of configuring devices and ready to begin, you can follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Sign up for DEP (this enables future purchases to be automatically provisioned with your MDM profiles)

  1. Begin by going to this link and filling in your details
  2. Verify your contact details
  3. Enter information about your business
  4. Confirm your details

STEP 2: Choose and sign up for a MDM solution - we like Jamf Now 

STEP 3: Configure your DEP to talk to your MDM solution

  1. Login to your MDM software
  2. Locate the section that deals with DEP
  3. Download your MDM softwares DEP Token
  4. Login to your DEP account
  5. Navigate to the "Manage Servers" Section
  6. Click "Add MDM Server" and name it (example: Jamf Now)
  7. Click next and upload the MDM softwares DEP Token

STEP 4: Setup your first device configuration - in Jamf's software, this is called a "Blueprint".

From this point forward, when you purchase any new device, make sure it has DEP turned on from the retailer.  Once the purchase is complete, your new devices will show up automatically in your MDM software and you'll just simply have to assign them the right configuration (or "Blueprint").

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