When an update is available for the Spex App or operating system of your iPad or Android device, it’s always good practice to verify that every project on your device has been synced before starting the update. This will ensure your projects don’t encounter any issues after the app or operating system has updated. 

1. First, check the status of your projects, navigate to the Reports List screen of the Field App.

2. Then on the far right of the screen, under the "Sync Status" column, make sure that each project on your device has the green “Synced” status next to it.

3. If one or more of the projects shown on your device has the yellow "Sync" button next to it, then tap on that button to get those projects synced to the Dashboard

4. Either on your own or with the assistance of someone from your team who can access the Dashboard, check that your project has come through properly, and that all assets that should be there are there.

When your projects are synced, feel free to update the Spex app or the device's software as needed.

If you have questions about updating the Spex app or your device's software, send us a message by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner of this page! 

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