Apple typically releases one new iOS version (i.e. iOS 11) per year. But should you update your software to the latest release immediately?

There are always a few changes Apple throws in last minute after they launch a new version, and we want to make sure it doesn’t cause any errors with Spex or other supporting apps. 

When a new version of iOS is released, we run through our internal quality assurance process to test it out. Then, we need to work to officially support it in Spex.

We recommend waiting until the first or second version update (i.e.: iOS 11.0.1 or 11.0.2) to download the new software. It gives Apple the time to fix any major bugs with the initial release, so your device doesn't get compromised with any larger issues. It also allows us the time to make any necessary updates to Spex to get the software and app to communicate effectively.

Before you update the software, make sure you back up your projects.

If you have other questions about updating iOS, send us a message via the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this page! 

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