There are several different ways to add devices into Jamf. These options include Open Enrollment, direct enrollment from a device, and DEP.

Open Enrollment

Allows your users to add their device to your Jamf Now account themselves. Please follow the Open Enrollment instructions here: iOS Open Enrollment

Note: iOS devices must use Safari for Open Enrollment. Other browsers will not be able to open the configuration profile that downloads.

Direct Enrollment from a Device
This option allows you to enroll a device without using Open Enrollment. Use this guide: Enrolling iOS device without Open Enrollment

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
Apple DEP allows you to purchase devices and automatically have them enrolled into Jamf Now the first time the device is turned on. For more information about DEP and how to set it up, check out the Jamf setup guide here: Connecting your DEP account to Jamf

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