Having too many Spex projects can take up a lot of storage and memory on your iPad, causing it to slow down and reduce overall device performance. We recommend having no more than 15-20 projects on your device, especially if they’re large projects with numerous photos and assets. 

  • To close and remove a project from your device, navigate to the Project Screen and find the project you would like to remove. 
  • Verify that all assets in the project are synced. You should see the green Synced icon. 
  • Also, verify that the Task Status is Completed. Your project preview should look like the one below: 
  • Next, on the project preview slide your finger to the left. This should populate a red Close button on the far right of the preview. 
  • Tap the Close button to remove the project. 
  • That's it! The project will be removed from your device and the status will be set to Closed. 

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