Project statuses are a way for you to manage In Process, Overdue, Completed, and Closed files. Here's how they work.

In Process

A Project that has the "In Process" status means that a Task has been assigned to someone. That task has yet to be or is in the process of being "Completed" by that person, and they have not officially marked that task as "Complete." 

If a Project has one task marked as "Completed," but another task is assigned on that same Project, the Project has the "In Process" status again.


A Project that is Overdue means that a Task that was assigned to a user, and was also given a due date to complete such Task, has not been completed on time. 

A Project will refrain from being Overdue when the Overdue Task has been completed.


The Completed status is - more of then than not - tied to a Field Inspection task. It is updated when the field person selects to "Sync and Complete" a given inspection, which marks that task in the field as Complete. 

This Project status, as described above, can also be influenced by another type of Task being marked as Complete.


A Closed Project status can be utilized when  the various Tasks needed to wrap a Project have been completed, and a deliverable (ex: Spex Report) has been exported and sent. 

We'd like to give a fair WARNING about marking a Project as Closed: make sure you confirm that all assets (photos, forms, etc.) have been synced from any devices to the Dashboard, so you don't experience a loss of that data. 

Editing Projects in the Various Project Statuses

When a Project In Process, Overdue, or Complete, it is still editable. However, marking a project as Closed removes the ability to edit that file on the Dashboard. In order to edit a Closed file, you must select to "Re-open" when viewing that Project's page on the Dashboard. 

If you have additional questions about a Project Status, or any other questions about Spex, don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page. 

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