There are specific items that you should check when you see "Not Synced" photos on your PDF Photo Sheet. Here's that list.

Special Characters in the Structure / Area names, or unique Photo labels

Special characters, such as ( ) & # @ / * can cause problems with our PDF generator. When adding custom Structures and Area names to your Inspection, make sure you're keeping the names of those items free of any special characters.

Additionally, if you're editing the labels of photos individually, make sure you don't have any special characters in those.

Extra Spaces in the Text of Any Details or Names

Sometimes extra spaces in any of the text of a Report - like Project Details, Structure/Area Names, or Photo Labels - can cause problems in the PDF generator. Verify that there is only one space between each word or number of these items.

Duplicate Names

Check to make sure that the names of Photos, Notes, or other items are not identical across the entire report. Duplicate photo labels are the most common when editing Photo labels in the Field App - such as "Overview" or "Damaged."

Note Labels

If you've added Notes to your Report, then add "Note" to the label of each. The addition of a unique word to these note labels can help with the PDF generator. 

Property Photo Issues
If you've added a photo into the Property Photo attachment section on a Project from an external source - such as aerial photography - that might be causing some issues. Try adding a different photo to the Property Photo attachment, and place the previous property photo in the Attachments section below the Project Details.

If you've tried the above edits and are still having trouble generating your PDF Photo Sheet, please reach out to us by clicking on the chat bubble on this page and tell us the Report you need help with!

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