Overview: Once you have completed your report edits, it’s time to review the final product: the SpexReport®. A SpexReport® is a custom micro-website reflecting a single specific project. Because it’s a live, custom link for that specific project, it is the most shareable/versatile report available today - a SpexReport® link can be emailed, text messaged, stored in a CRM or Project Management tool and will always reflect the most up-to-date information. Recipients of a SpexReport® can view the content from a phone, tablet or desktop and can export the content in a variety of ways. Below, you will find the steps involved in reviewing a given projects SpexReport®.

  1. Navigate to the Projects section by clicking “Projects” in the upper right hand corner of the Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the correct project by clicking on the name of the insured
  3. Click the “SpexReport®” button in the upper right hand corner
    a) This will open the SpexReport® in a new tab or window - the URL (website) you see displayed in the address bar will always be the same for this project.

    b) Anatomy of a Spex Report (starting from the top down) - Overview Information:
    i. Prepared For: Insured name, address and contact
    ii. Prepared By: Company name & Contact
    iii. Property Photo
    iv. Summary Statement
    v. Insurance Information
    vi. Property wide attachments - Structures and Areas
    1. Structure Heading - Area Sub-Heading
    a) Audio Files
    b) Diagrams
    c) Forms
    d) Notes
    e) Photos
    f) Video

    c) Each entry (photo, note, etc) will show up on a card along with that entries caption and date of capture.

    d) An expanded view of any given entry is available by clicking on the card - once in the expanded view, you can navigate between entries using the arrow buttons on either side of the entry.

    e) Review the content and make sure it is the correct content to share. If it is, your SpexReport is ready to send off! 
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