Article Overview: Setting up Structures and Areas

There are two approaches to building the layout of a property: either take an educated guess at the structures and areas you will encounter while inspecting the property, or build out each as you come across them during the inspection. This article will provide instructions on how to build out the layout all at once. Note that it is always possible to go back and add or delete new structures or areas as they are encountered.

1) Navigate to the Report Details page
 a) Tap the correct inspection in the Reports List
 b) Tap “start inspection”

2) Build-out Structures
 a) Identify how many buildings are on the property
 b) To add a structure, tap the row that says “structures” in the left-hand column
 c) Choose any of the structure types from the pop-up screen by tapping on one the row options or by entering a custom structure name

3) Build-out Areas
 a) Choose to set up either the exterior or interior of the structure
 b) Tap the option that best describes the area of inspection, or enter a custom area name
Adding Areas Tip: Do not exceed 14 areas in the exterior or interior of an additional structure. If more than 14 areas are added to a structure that was not the first structure added, the app may crash. If you experience this issue, you can correct it by adding another structure, which will allow you to delete the structure with 14 areas causing the crash.

c) Repeat this process for each area that will be inspected in the exterior of the structure
 d) Repeat this process for each area that will be inspected in the interior of the structure
 e) Repeat this process for each structure identified on the property

4) Editing Structures and Areas
 a) Tap the row of the desired structure or area
 b) Tap the ellipsis on the right-hand side of the row
 c) Rename or delete the area or structure by tapping “Rename” or “Delete”

Be careful when choosing to delete a structure or area. Doing so will delete the contents, and they will not be retrievable for later use in the SpexReport.

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