Article Overview: How to Follow Company Protocols Using the Forms Feature

1) Navigate to the correct area within the Field App
a) Tap “resume inspection”
b) Tap the structure and then the area where you would like to create a form

2) Select the form you’d like to use
a) Tap the green plus button in the bottom right-hand corner
b) Tap the “Form” entry type in the lower right-hand side

c) Tap the desired form option

3) Fill out the form
a) Tap the row of the option that makes most sense
b) Tap “other” and fill in the description manually if the pre-existing options are insufficient
c) For multi-select questions, tap multiple choices if desired
d) Tap the fill-in-the-blank rows and type in your answer
e) Include a photo in the form by tapping the camera icon and taking a photo, or by tapping the library icon and selecting a photo

4) Edit, finish, and save a form
a) Tap “Save” on the right-hand side
b) To make changes to the form, tap the form deposited in the thumbnail tray at the bottom of the screen to edit, delete, or save the revised form
c) Return to the designated area
d) Click the form thumbnail in the designated area at any time to revisit the form

If you have not already developed Protocols, contact the Spex Support Team. We will work with you to take your existing tick sheets and inspection processes, and adapt them for custom designed forms.

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