Article Overview: How to Take Photos

1) Navigate to the correct area within the Field App

 a) Tap “Resume Inspection”
 b) Tap the structure where you would like to create a photo
 c) Tap the correct area

2) Capture a photo within the designated area
 a) Tap the green plus button in the bottom right-hand corner
 b) To zoom in, tap and move your finger along the slider in the left-hand side of the screen
 c) Tap the red photo button in the middle of the right sidebar
 d) Use the RapidCapture™ feature and tap your finger in quick succession to capture multiple images at once

3) Caption a photo
 a) Tap a photo in the thumbnail to open up the edit options
 b) Tap “Caption/Title” above the photo to type in a custom caption

4) Edit a photo
 a) Tap the rotate tool to change the photo orientation
 b) Tap the crop tool and drag your finger on the corner of the rectangle to resize the image
 i) Tap “Crop” or “Cancel” when finished

c) Tap the free drawing tool to draw directly on top of the photo by using your finger like a pencil

d) Tap the straight line tool to draw straight lines on top of the photo
 e) Tap the annotation tool and then tap anywhere on the photo to pull up the keyboard to type a text annotation

f) Tap the color tool to change the color of the next drawing or annotation
 g) Tap the eraser tool to erase any existing drawings or annotations

h) Tap the undo button to remove any lines and text on top of the photo

5) Finish and save a photo
 a) Tap “Save” on the right-hand side
 b) To make changes to the photo, tap the photo deposited in the thumbnail tray at the bottom of the screen to edit, delete or save the revised photo
 c) Return to the designated area
 d) Tap the photo thumbnail in the designated area at any time to revisit the photo

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