Overview: To be clear, Spex is not estimating software - we know that estimation is dominated by a few large players and that many carriers require using a specific platform. Spex is, however, one of the best ways to generate consistent, detailed field data. It’s extremely easy to share and collaborate around this information and, if you’re interested in exploring an inside/outside model, Spex is your tool for the outside half. Once your project is synced to the desk - it’s time to write the estimate. This article covers adding your estimate to attachments for a given project.

  1. Write your estimate
    a) Review your freshly synced field inspection
    i. From the Overview page, click on “Projects”
    ii. Scroll down to the correct project and select it by clicking on the insured name
    b) Scroll through the content and build your estimate in your preferred estimating tool - make sure to leverage the content generated in your custom forms, photos, videos and notes.
    i. Remember, you can click on any entry for enlarged and expanded view
    ii. Spending the extra time to setup up the Spex custom settings and forms in such a way to empower better estimate writing is well worth the time. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like help in this process.
  2. Export your estimate
    a) You can export as a pdf or save your estimate in the native filetype for the software you are using - Spex has the capability of accepting all file types (though some may not render a preview in our software).
    b) Save the estimate in location you can easily find for step 3
  3. Attach you estimate to your SpexReport®
    a) Navigate to the correct Project
    i. From the Overview page, click on the “Projects” button in the upper right hand side
    ii. Select the correct project from the list for this particular estimate (note: you may already have this project open if you built your estimate off of it)
    b) Attach your estimate to “Attachments”
    i. Scroll down until you see the heading “Attachments”
    ii. Click on the “plus” button on the right hand side
    iii. Select the “Documents” option
    iv. Navigate to the location you saved the estimate
    v. Select the estimate and click “open”
  4. Share your SpexReport® complete with estimate!

SpexReports® are the fastest, most thorough way to share property inspection and estimate information - contact [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more.

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