Article Overview: How to Take Videos

1) Navigate to the correct area within the Field App
 a) Tap “resume inspection”
 b) Tap the structure where you would like to create a video
 c) Tap the correct area

2) Navigate to a video within the designated area
 a) Tap the green plus button in the bottom right-hand corner
 b) Tap the “Video” entry type on the bottom-right side of the screen

3) Capture a Video
 a) Tap the red video button in the middle of the right sidebar
 b) Record a video
 c) Tap the red video button to stop the video recording

d) Tap the play button to watch the recording

4) Edit, finish, and save a video
 a) Tap “Save” on the right-hand side, or tap “Cancel”
 b) To make changes to the video, tap the video deposited in the thumbnail tray at the bottom of the screen to edit, delete or save the revised video
 c) Return to the designated area
 d) Tap the video thumbnail in the designated area at any time to revisit the video

Tip for taking Videos

Videos in Spex are limited to 30 seconds each. If a video exceeds 30 seconds, a new video will start and the previous recording will be discarded. Avoid having to re-record work by stopping your video before the 30-second mark.

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