Article Overview: How to Create a Diagram

1) Navigate to the correct area within the Field App
 a) Tap “resume inspection”
 b) Tap the structure where you would like to create a diagram
 c) Tap the correct area

2) Navigate to a diagram within the designated area
 a) Tap the green plus button in the bottom right-hand corner
 b) Tap the “Diagram” entry type on the bottom-right side of the screen
 c) Tap “launch” on one of the diagramming apps

3) Create a diagram with one of the recommended diagramming tools
 a) Photo Measures Diagram

b) Bosch Floor Plan Diagram

c) Penultimate Diagram

d) Hand-drawn Diagram

4) Share a diagram in one of two ways
 a) Take a Screenshot
 i) Take a screenshot of the diagram by pressing the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time

ii) Return to the Spex Field App (this may be done quickly by double tapping the home button and clicking the album view of the app)

iii) Tap the library icon within the diagram dialogue
 iv) Tap the screenshot of the diagram

v) Tap save
 b) Use the share extension
 i) Tap the share extension button
 ii) Navigate to the Spex icon beneath the share extension button and tap it

iii) Tap the appropriate inspection report for the diagram
 iv) Tap the appropriate structure and area for the diagram
 v) Tap the appropriate file type for the program (in this case “Diagram”)
 vi) Tap post

vii) Return to the Spex Field App (this may be done quickly by double tapping on the home button and clicking on the album view of the app)

5) Finish and save a diagram
 a) Tap the diagram deposited in the thumbnail tray at the bottom of the screen to delete or view the image
 b) Return to the designated area
 c) Click on the diagram thumbnail in the designated area at any time to revisit the diagram

There are several useful free diagramming apps that we recommend to our customers. The Spex Field App provides customers the flexibility to choose the best diagramming tool for themselves. These instructions provide details on how to share diagrams with the Spex Field App from the list of recommended diagramming tools. For detailed information on how to use these diagramming tools, please refer to their documentation.

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