1) Conduct Pre-Sync Best Practices
 a) Review the full report to make sure all of the inspection content is present
 b) Check that there is a good wifi or 4G/LTE network connection

c) Avoid covering the antenna of the iPad before and during the sync

2) Sync Process
 a) Tap Sync in one of three places: the Reports List, the Report Brief, or the Report Details page
 b) A popup window displaying progress will appear
 c) If it seems progress is stalling for more than 10 minutes, seek a better network connection or quit the Field App and try syncing again
 d) When the status changes to synced, the report has been fully sent to the Spex Dashboard

3) Post-Sync
 a) If the inspection is complete, tap “Finish”
 b) Tap “Complete Inspection”, “Back”, or “View SpexReport”

c) Return to the Reports List to begin a new inspection
 d) If the report needs to be updated, tap the inspection in the Reports List and then tap “Resume Inspection”

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